New York City – Top 10 Places to Eat

(That we can afford to go to)

New York highlights

I’ve been to New York a few times, coming into JFK and Newark on different occasions. So rather than bore you with the “and then I went up the Empire State Building” I thought I’d cover off some of my favourite things to do………

Ninja restaurant

Look…its cheesy, but really good fun. The food presentation is excellent – naturally choose the fun specials – and entertaining. Its probably not the best food in the world – I can’t remember, I was too busy oohing and ahhhing at the food as it was smoking or on fire or other types of excitement. The table magician was also great. I’d defn go again and really recommend it.

Serendipity 3

There’s two problems here. A) getting in – book in advance, skype the call if need be, but it saves a massive wait (to book you need to have dinner not just dessert) and b) don’t eat beforehand, the portions are massive, we left about as much as we ate (see rule 1 about having to order dinner) However, its like a little fairy land with lights and bright colours and prettiness. It’s a sure fire hit with the ladies; must admit I rather hoped for a proposal there (had to manage with the Inari Shrine in Japan instead) as it would be just perfect. Loved it. It is rammed though and the front of house guys are a bit sharp but hell, there’s a massive queue in a small venue.

Ice skate in central park

The next place a proposal would be great – anyone who has seen any movie with an ice skate rink e.g. Serendipity, this is the place. We had a potter round and got lucky with the December weather as it was pretty warm. The place itself has great hire facilities and they keep the ice in good nick. We went at night and it was busy but you could find a spot no problem.

Map not available!


It took me 5 visits before we stumbled across the Intrepid Museum and the Enterprise Space Shuttle. You can get so close to it, you can touch it. In a world where we have lost the space race momentum, and now space travel seems destined for books and imagination, it was an emotional place.

Add to that Concorde is outside and ships to wander round and it was a cracking afternoon. Expect significant security.

Dead Rabbit in Financial Quarter

This place is awesome. A sawdust littered bar, rammed full with everyone chatting and great food. Really welcoming from the min you walk in, there’s apparently cocktails in the other rooms but we didn’t get past the first one (and were there in the afternoon anyway) Go explore it, a real find in amongst the skyscrapers

Magnificent coffee shop

We always come back with bags of the stuff, having selected the ones we want from the huge bags of coffee. Loads of syrups, the place smells immense and its such a homely feel. Love it there!

Brooklyn bridge walk and underneath ..

It’s a great experience to walk the bridge, into Brooklyn. Make sure you head under the bridge too and take in the old style carousel. The views are great and we reckon there must be some great bars and night life come the summer – a stop for us next time J

Christmas Markets

  • The market at Central Park is only open in December if memory serves, but is one of the top markets for food as well as a few more unusual crafts.
  • Bryant Park market I love – there’s the rink in the middle surrounded by skyscrapers and food stalls and high quality gifts. It snowed whilst we were there which just made it all the more atmospheric.
  • Union Square – very comprehensive markets – loads of stalls and a bit more space than at some of the others.

Roosevelt Island

Get the cable car thing for a terrifying but unique ride across the river. Did I mention I hate flying and heights and not being in control? Anyway, it *is* cool.

High line

Well worth a wander down the whole thing – you get a great view of New York from amongst it and some cracking street art. When its warmer there’s some food sellers, but mostly it’s a place to wander and relax. The layout of the walk is being added to all the time, and for somewhere so busy, its actually pretty quiet – unless you get unlucky with a bus load of tourists. Well worth a trip to.

Chelsea Market

Food! So much food!

From everywhere!

Honourable mention to the most amazing biscuit place ever but honestly its just incredible – so much choice!

Fun eating

Standard tucker in a retro throwback venue – definitely drop in and enjoy. Lots of fun and staff are awesome.

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